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CPC Linear Guides

Our CPC Linear Guides (Bal-Type) adopt the O-type arrangement for the four row, ball circulation design featuring high-load and high-stiffness. The contact angle between the rail and the ball is 45 degrees and realizes the 4 directions equal load capacity.
Among the AR/HR/ER Linear Guide, two of the four circulation channels are positioned within the plastic accessories, reducing 10~20% of the block weight. Stainless steel reinforcement plate has scraper function and the L design fastens the screws onto the top and bottom of the runner block, which reinforces the rigidity of end caps and cladding; further enables the high speed movement of products.
Our AR/HR/ER CPC Linear Guides provide the preload class VC and V0 to enhance the tolerance of dimension and convenience of customers’ processed components and even reduce the cost of manufacturing work.
  • Tolerance of velocity
  • Four directions equal load capacity
  • Adopting the same rail with ARC/HRC/ERC
  • Block rotary hole design
  • Processed accessories match tolerance of dimension
  • Available for vertical (downward) and reverse (upward) bolting track rail
  • Excellent dynamic performance: Reach Vmax > 5m/s Reach amax > 300m/s2
  • Available for special surface treatment
  • Dust protection of double wipe blade design in the end seal
  • Standard type and reinforcement type
  • Download the AR/HR/ER Linear Guides Product Brochure
  • Download the ARR/HRR/LRR Linear Guides Product Brochure

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