SMS Linear Superior Motion Systems

XT5 Linear Slide System
Superior Motion Systems Linear Slide Assemblies

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XT5 Linear Slide Specifications



Mounting Holes


Axial Capacity

Axial Capacity
XT5-O/C-LS22.275”1/4-20 x .350” DeepTravel + 6.25”556 lbs.556 lbs.
XT5-O/C-LS42.275”1/4-20 x .350” DeepTravel + 9.25”1,112 lbs..1,112 lbs.
XT5-O-GW2.000”1/4-20 x .350” DeepTravel + 5.25”424 lbs.462 lbs.

Load/Life calculations have many variables. Consult SMS Engineering for your specific application; XT3/XT5 Stages are semi-custom units. Standard options are available for each, but most slides are designed for use with specific applications; Contact SMS for more details.

XT5 Linear Slide Gallery

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